About us

What we do for children

Nursery School is dedicated to providing a refreshing environment and educational programme that seeks to nurture your child’s abilities, talents and gifts for outstanding intellectual and personal development.

Little Rye Nursery, Mitcham care and development

Our foundations

To provide a nurturing and safe environment for children to learn.

To make children feel loved, worthy and confident to express themselves creatively.

To develop the learning skills of children and instil a positive attitude in them.

To provide care and attention to each child’s special needs.

To ensure excellence in teaching and learning.

Little Rye Nursery, Mitcham crayons

About Juliet

Care has been Juliet’s work for the last 15 years. She has worked with children who have disabilities and the elderly. She’s worked in people’s homes in Mitcham, and also in hospitals.

She has now decided to use her experience in care and with children in provide care and development for children in Little Rye Nursery Ltd.

Little Rye Nursery Ltd

Our nursery is a limited company, the company number is 14351801.